E) Company Shareholders Information

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F) Contact Person for All Communications

I) Company License Information

J) Agriculture Land / Facilities Allocated to Investor in the UAE

A) Investment Capital

B) Allocation of Land Uses

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Land Area (sq ft) *
GFA (sq ft) *
GFA % Allocation *

C) Workforce Numbers

D) Power and Utility Requirements


Water (Irrigation)

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E) Raw Materials Consumption

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Supplier *
Method of Transfer *

A) Waste Products to Be Generated

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Terms and Condition

  1. Incomplete applications/documents will be rejected
  2. Documents required must be submitted within 1 week from application date. Else DREC has the right to reject the application.
  3. Application must be signed by authorized person only
  4. Land Applications are subject to a non refundable fee of 1050 AED.
Documents Required
Official Documents
  • Valid license / Initial approval copy issued by Department of Economic Development Dubai
  • A list of all trade licenses issued in Dubai under all partners names
  • Valid passport copies of all partners
  • Copy ofrent contracts in the Emirate.
  • List of all vehicles under company name issued by RTA
  • List of all workers under company name issued by Ministry of Labor
Business Plan
  • Feasibility Study
  • Investment Proposal
  • Overview of Activity and Applicable Technology.
  • Expected Production Output

Acceptance and Signature

I/We hereby declare that to the best of my/our knowledge and belief that all the particulars furnished in this application are true and accurate. I/We further agree to abide by all applicable Laws, Rules and Regulations of DREC and U.A.E.

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